About Teklave

Although just recently rebranded to Teklave, this business has been operating since January 2019. I (Avery) am the owner & designer of Teklave. I'm a college student in Massachusetts studying chemistry and art history, but in between that I am always designing products, running the website and instagram, or fulfilling orders. In my free time, I love going antiquing, sewing, knitting, and listening to music. 

My great grand-aunt Tekla (my grandmother's aunt), Teklave's namesake, was a woman I never met, but someone I know I would have adored. Tekla was born in Worcester, MA in 1904 and lived there her whole life. She was very quiet and was known to keep to herself, but she was a marvelous seamstress. She sewed nearly all of her own clothes--everything from dresses to blouses to skirts, many of which she would then regulary wear out to dance with her husband. (I even own some of Tekla's sewing needles circa the 1930s.)

Tekla was also a (likely unintentional) environmentally conscious icon because she never owned a car in her life and walked everywhere she went!

Because I pull a lot of my inspiration from from historical design styles, I thought it was fitting to name this business after a family member who was a lot like me and who was alive during the rise of some of my favorite art movements. And since this brand is a meshing of historical design and modern sensibilities, the name Teklave reflects that, as a combination of my and Tekla's names.